Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello 2008

At the point of writing, we are just about five hours to midnight and a new year shall then begin.

Being a positive thinker, I can't think but better things for this landscaping story.

For one thing, I really need to get down to the bolts -and- nuts of the Malaysian garden we call 'Laman Kambatik"'

Thus, I will blog more on the philosophy of 'Laman Kambatik", to give the idea a strong fundamental.

Then , I shall travel around the towns of Sarawak to comment on our missed opportunities, little successes or major triumphs , if any.

A good question to pose as a guiding perspective is " How could our LAMAN KAMBATIK help in sustainable culture and the promotion of a healthy, safe and balanced lifestyle?"

I will of course continue with my series of Kambatik favourite species.

In that note, I am really looking forward to 2008.

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